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What Is Only Pretty?
Only Pretty is social platform that helps aspiring and professional influencers, models & promotion girls gain exposure and find work.
Sponsorship Opportunities
One of the foundations of Only Pretty is the regular contests that we run online with hundreds or thousands of Pretties competing in.

Businesses can sponsor contests as a powerful markeeting and promotional tool.

Sponsors can help set the theme and rules of the contest to match your business and brand.

Your name and logo will be displayed alongside all contest entries, both on our site and shared heavily across social media.

Sponsorship can start as low as 50,000 THB with no upper limit. Prizes and promotions scale according to your sponsorship value.
Hire Pretties
Only Pretty also contains a dedicated recruitment platform, specifically for pretties.

Whether you are looking for models, actresses, event staff or hostesses we have the right girls for the job.

Data on past contest results, photos popularity, influencer status and prior jobs can be used to aid the hiring process.
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